The Vakaloa Beach Resort - Kingdom of Tonga
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The Vakaloa Beach Resort - Kingdom of Tonga

We invite you to a special night to remember on your Friday night visit to Tonga by joining our exciting Tongan cultural night buffet with an amazing floorshow.

The buffet features local & international cuisine prepared by our own talented chefs, with food to please every taste. It also features a wide range of delicious Tongan food where you can learn a lot about our traditional and local foods.

The Floorshow

Our exciting floorshow features traditional Tongan dances such as the Tau'olunga (solo female dance), Ma'ulu'ulu (seated male and female dance), Mako (fast paced dance by young men only), the Hawaiian Hula and many more.

If you are visiting Tonga for the first time or returning to Tonga for a holiday, business, or simply visiting friends and family, make sure you don't miss our buffet dinner and floorshow, and make your visit one to cherish.

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Tongan food and the 'umu' earth oven

Participating in a Tongan feast should definitely be on your itinerary. These wonderful get togethers with traditional dancing and copious quantities of food lie at the heart of Tongan culture. Any function, from weddings and birthdays to welcoming important people to the village or opening a new building will involve a large village gathering.

Pigs, which are highly prized in Tonga and can be seen wandering freely around every village, are killed and cooked in an underground earth oven with fish and root crops. Traditional dancing pre-empts the feast and at traditional ceremonies, mats and tapa cloth are presented as gifts.